Learn to Organize your space and your life

$10 a lesson

Chronically cluttered, your living space terminally tousseled…I can teach you how to see your floor again.  Think about the future, see yourselves enjoying a picnic in the middle of your living room on a rainy day, or being able to go across your bedroom without having to go over your own bed (ahhh the possibilities).  I teach others how to see items and spaces like I always have, and I know that with extra space, even floor space, comes a feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, like a big job was well done…by yourself (that ever illusive feeling of self made accomplishment).  I can teach you how to get and keep that feeling, no matter how you live or who you live with.  So choose an organization teacher with literally a lifetime of experience (I was born with the capacity to organize spaces).  Last, I also have knowledge of practices and strategies that have repeatedly shown to be very effective in homes and offices, so I’m not relying solely on my inborn skill…come learn to see your old place as a new space.

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